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OUR WAY (a matter of choices )


Our choice to open an “agriturismo” it’s above all a choice for life: the feelings you’ll have at your arrival here, will be that kind of warm  and cosy feelings you have when you are welcomed as a friend or a family member, not as a customer. Our aim is to let you enjoy with us the simple and authentic “countrylife” emotions: for this reason we will receive you in the parking, greeting you as an old pal; for this reason, every evening we will offer you a glass of wine and some pancakes with elder or zucchini flowers and other products of our garden; for this reason we will introduce you to other guests, so you could find new friends; for this reason we will suggest to dine alltogether at one table, where you could find the pleasure of conversation and enjoy together the typical flavors of gastronomic tradition and “homemade” kitchen of Calabrian women…

The kitchen

…for this reason the halfboard menù will be fixed, rich and colourfull. We will eventually try to fulfill your specific request with the available products of the garden; for this reason, nothing will be prepared in advance, nor stored up, but will be cooked at the moment; for this reason the wine will be as far as possible a local product and the beer will come from small local breweries; for this reason you will be served by our staff made of simple, smiling girls, that you could see during the day, working in the fields or tiding up your room…


…for this reason you won’t find wifi and tv in the room; for this reason, after dinner, you’ll taste some “amaro” or “limoncello” under the arbor with the other guests and the owners, while fireflies in the apple orchard will be  calling your attention to witness the purity of the air and lack of pesticides.

Well, what are we going to offer you here at “I Basiliani” above the plasure of food, conversation and reading peacefully a book under the trees?

The pool (outdoor)
Ping-pong tournaments
Playing cards under the arbor
Coking “calabrese” courses
Ricotta, Mozzarella and Provola production experience
Walking in through the woods, in the village, along the ancient path of monks, through the monumental beechwood of S. Agnese searching for mushrooms or even on request aerobic activities on the lawn for children and adults.


Guided tours to hazelnuts and cheese productors ( Az. Rotiroti ) in Cardinale
Visit to “Cooperativa Ceramicola Sant’Agazio” in Squillace with experience of manipulation and production of the ancient graffiti squillacese.
Lake trout fishing in “Azienda Agricola Fabiano” in Torre di Ruggiero
Horse riding ( on request )
Adventure park in the woods, for adults and kids( Az. Agr. Fondo dei Baroni) in Serra San Bruno

the mountains

Woods of Santa Maria in Serra San Bruno
Park of “Villa Vittoria” and Botanical Garden of “Forestale” in Mongiana
“Ecological Oasis of Serre ” at “le Ferriere dei Borboni”
“Marmarico falls” and “dello Stilaro valley”
Beechwood of “San Nicola da Crissa”
“Sila Piccola” and “Sila Grande” mountains in Catanzaro

toward the see

“Piana dello Stilaro” with tour of Calabria “greek-byzantine”
Soverato, Copanello and the coast of Jonio sea toward Catanzaro
The spectacular coast Caminia and Stallettì
S.Andrea and thecoast of Jonio sea toward Reggio Calabria
The “two seas isthmus” of Marcellinara e Tiriolo

Culture and monuments

Church of l’Addolorata ( Maria Santissima dei Sette Dolori )and the Wooden Christ of the Easter procession in Serra San Bruno
The “Certosa” ( Abbey of S. Stefano del Bosco ) and its Museum in Serra San Bruno
Church of Santa Maria del Bosco in Serra San Bruno
La Cattolica and the cathedral of Stilo
The mother Church and the Monastery of San Giovanni Theristis, with its Orthodox monks, in Bivongi
Norman Castel of Squillace
The museum and Archeological Park of Scolacium in Roccelletta di Borgia

daily trips

Pizzo Calabro
Scilla and la Chianalea
Reggio Calabria and the Archeological Museum with the famous “Bronzi di Riace”
Eolie Islands ( from Vibo Valentia and back )


You will see, dear friends: at the end of the holiday you will be incredibly relaxed and rebuilt in your body and spirit, and you will be sorry, leaving, having to leave “the country house of aunt” as the most of the guests said!

We look forward to your arrival with joy!

Nonna Marina